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Thread: First Discovered naming bug

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    First Discovered naming bug


    All of the time (100%)

    Time of occurrence
    23.30 BST

    Date of occurrence



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    Having handed in some new "first discovery" exploration data this evening, I looked back at the systems I had scanned... Only to discover that they're showing my old gamertag (Albie175) rather than what I changed it to back in December (AlbieWanKenoobi)!

    I presume this is because my Frontier account (I believe) is still Albie175, like it is here on the forum. However, after I had changed it, my old discoveries did indeed show the new tag. Indeed, they still do have the new tag, so I'm now experiencing multiple personality disorder! 😁


    An old scan - eol proud yk-f d11-2013

    A new scan - oochody tv-k d9-2 a 3

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Scan a system
    2. Cash data in (on Xbox One X)

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    Hey Albie175,

    Thanks for the report.

    Was this using the same account with the same email address?

    Can you please provide screenshots of this to assist in this investigation.

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    Yes, same email address, same account. Since it's referencing my old gamertag, I presume it must be getting the name through my Frontier account, which would still be Albie175.

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    Hey Albie175,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to this.

    The discovered by tag should display the name of the cmdr that scanned it, if you've changed your cmdr name or started a new cmdr then it should display what it was when that star was scanned.

    Have you seen your old cmdr name show up for any first discovered tags that you scanned recently?