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Thread: Help setting up Thrustmaster T.1600Mcontrollers w/ Elite

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    Originally Posted by courtlaw View Post (Source)
    So are saying that I should set the key bindings within the ED configuration menu first and then transpose that to TARGET?
    You can take the default key settings and, as Maenden says, map the joystick buttons to those keys. Basically, the game client recognises the T.16000M and assigns a profile to it, but not the virtual device created when you run the TARGET script - you have to setup a control scheme for the virtual device manually.

    You might find it simpler to play the game for a wee while without TARGET to get used to the button layout and then create your TARGET profile. Personally, I've always started with an empty binding file and set my axes and the obvious buttons (e.g. fire, secondary fire and UI buttons), then bound controls to buttons as I come upon the need for them. It takes a while longer, but I find it much easier to learn the scheme that way. YMMV.

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    I just bought T.16000M with pedals and started playing ED after year break and I am playing it with pedals, but not with TARGET software. I wan't to keep it simple and clean, ED recognizes HOTAS system automatically and that is enough for my gaming purposes. I assigned moon lander throttle controls to brake pedals and spaceship yaw to rudder pedals.

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    Just one other point. You can have more than one joystick profile.
    You just give them different names.
    You then open TARGET GUI, choose the file you want and run it before you launch Elite.

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    I do not use TARGET as I found it too hard to configure. I am lazy. I just map the stuff within the game.

    One tip is to use one button as "shift" in a way when you keep it down and press a button you get a secondary action. I have had T.16000 FCS well over a year now and only last weekend I learned how to use the shift properly. I have my throttle pinky button as shift button. As an example the button right from the pinky button is mapped as boost, but if I hold down pinky button and "boost" I will turn my thrusters to reverse. Now I have mapped all my needed functions to joystick and throttle in a way I do not need to take off my hands at all from them.

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