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Thread: Screenshots not saving

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    Screenshots not saving

    Tried both F10 and Alt+F10 and neither one saves pictures anywhere. I know for sure Alt+F10 is working since there is a visual cue for the high rez photo. I have checked every possible location where a screenshot could be saved and there just isn't any.

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    Heya Dbrn47,

    If all the suggestions on the linked thread do not solve your issue could you please submit a ticket regarding this here:

    Our support team will look to help you out.

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    Appreciate that guys, but I did say I checked every possible location, hidden or even unrelated. Did a specific search for every file labelled Frontier, jpg, png and bmp too. Checked the journal to confirm and it did log that hi rez screenshots were taken, but not regular screenshots, no location is listed.

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    Alright, I have it sorted. I was unaware, but Avast has a Ransomware Shield that blocks off folders completely and the Picture folder was one of them, I had to add Elite to the whitelist. It'd be nice if these programs gave some sort of notification that stuff like this was happening. Oh well, not Frontier's fault. Thanks again.

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    Not a problem, glad to hear that you got it sorted!