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Thread: I know exact reason why we WON'T have space legs.

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    Originally Posted by Shiro Akai View Post (Source)
    ...So when hypothetical space legs would arrive it would be doom for all of us. Weak, unable to maintain vertical posture we would break...

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    Originally Posted by Shiro Akai View Post (Source)
    Muscle atrophy.

    Plain and simple, our CMDRs will be physically unable to move in 1g gravity. Most of our time we spend in space, flying between places. Our ships aren't equipped with artificial gravity so all the time we are affected with 0g. Occasional force induced upon our bodies while maneuvering isn't enough to keep our muscle's strength. And I don't see our CMDRs take extra exercise to stay fit. The only source of gravity strong enough is within space stations - which we don't stay long inside.

    So when hypothetical space legs would arrive it would be doom for all of us. Weak, unable to maintain vertical posture we would break. And then we would die. Horribly.
    By that logic, we'd all be suffering from the effects of urinary retention (and worse!). Sometimes you just need to suspend your disbelief.

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    As soon as you log out your commander goes running around wearing weights until you log in again

    OK solved

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    Well they better give me a space wheelchair then.

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    Underpant gnomes !


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    Maybe said already, but chicken-egg.

    No legs, no atrophy.

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    Gravity plating

    This has been around since the late 1960s

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    Another point on why FA off is better. Those using it don't have to worry about muscle atrophy because we can rotate at 1g at will.

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    I, for one, certainly do NOT want my legs snapping like Jeff "Joker" Moreau's. So, good call.

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    We have FSD's, laser weapons and so on. Why is artifical gravity so far fetched?

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    Space isn't zero gravity though.... there's loads of gravity, otherwise evreything would fly away.......

    You could wedge the throttle on the vertical thrusters open, orient it so it's working against a planet's gravity and basically hover while you get up and go for a walk... go the space toilet.... etc.....

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    We will be like belters?

    Or martians?

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    "After years of sitting in my pilot seat, my legs turned to jello. Then my doctor told me about Atrophex."

    Ask your doctor if Atrophex is right for you.

    Side effects of Atrophex are uncommon, and include headache, muscle atrophy, nausea, vomiting, death, dizziness, dysentery, cardiac arrhythmia, depression, darkened stool, lycanthropy, trucanthropy, misanthropy, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, mild discomfort, loss of motivation, introspection, bad breath, and mild rash."