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Thread: NPC crew tries to frameshift with mothership disabling it in the process

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    NPC crew tries to frameshift with mothership disabling it in the process


    Once (<1%)

    Time of occurrence
    12:00 UTC

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A



    Ship Type
    Federal Corvette

    Commander Name
    Backer #-12412

    While my NPC crew was in command of my mothership a wing member that I was nav-locked to engaged frameshift drive. My ship didn't move but had the &quot;hyperdrive engaged&quot; label on it. Shortly after I docked and upon entering the mothership, I found it to be unresponsive to any thruster or fsd commands until I launched an SLF and returned to the ship again.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Join a wing.
    2. Engage wingman nav-lock to a wing member with beacon enabled.
    3. Launch an SLF under CMDR control.
    4. While wing is in normal space and within nav-lock range, have other member begin to initiate a low or high wake, then abort it.
    5. Return to mothership.

    Additional files?

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    Hey Morbad,

    Thanks for your report - I don't suppose you had netlogging enabled when you encountered this issue? If not, can I please ask that you do enable it and attempt a repro as both yourself & Cmdr Alexander the Grape have both encountered this under similar repro steps.

    In order to tell Elite Dangerous to create a Netlog file you will need to perform the following steps:

    If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu.
    This will allow you to access the Network section of the Options menu.
    - Open the Network options menu.
    - Set the option labelled Logging to On.
    - Save and exit to desktop

    Please access your AppConfig.xml which be found in the projects folder where you installed the game and open this in Notepad. You'll see a block near the bottom named "Network". Please insert the following lines somewhere in that block -


    Any new network logs produced will now include more detail, which will help us with our investigation.
    Please attempt to recreate this issue in-game and then attach the corresponding network log so we can check it out.

    AppConfig file location (default):

    Netlogs location (default): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\elite-dangerous-64\Logs

    Once you have encountered this issue and have sent us the logs, feel free to remove the line of code from the AppConfig file.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Haven't had the opportunity to try to reproduce the issue, but I did have verbose logging enabled and found the correct netlog. However, even after trimming it down to just the instance in the video it's still over 20MB and too big to be attached. I'm not precisely sure what I'm looking for and I do not think I can trim it by 80% to fit. So, I uploaded it to sendspace.

    Should be the entire instance show in that video, starting about seven minutes prior and ending when we enter supercruise.

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    Hey Morbad,

    Thanks for the additional information.

    We've not been able to reproduce this or seen any more reports of this happening.

    Can you please let me know if this happens again after the next update.