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Thread: Anyone else having "UI Select" problems on HOTAS ?

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    Anyone else having "UI Select" problems on HOTAS ?

    Edit : From the replies I have decided the problem is at my end

    Seems like since 3.1.2 every time I UI to the docking request option and press my button to select it,nothing happens. I go out of the UI back to my ship then back in to try again and it works.
    Reason I am asking here is because there is the same pattern every time, and not a random problem where my button only works sometimes.
    (obviously it could still be my HOTAS)


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    t16000m by any chance? The trigger button can get flaky very quickly. Spraying some contact cleaner on it and pressing the button a bunch of times sorts it for me. Have had to do it twice in the 7 months I've had it.

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    Actually I've noticed lately that I have to double click it when I try to select. Maybe somethings going on with the game or it's dirty like cmdrrdmc said. I have a T16000 that's about 6-7 months old.

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    I've been having an odd problem with my HUDs since 3.0

    I don't have the "HUD auto pop-up" thing enabled cos it bugs me when they pop up while I'm looking around the cockpit.

    So, I press a "HUD look" button and left, right, up or down to select the appropriate HUD.

    Thing is, since 3.0 I press the buttons, the required HUD starts to appear but then, when I release the buttons, the HUD vanishes again.
    If I press the buttons and hold them down for a couple of seconds the HUD appears properly and stays open until I close it.

    I assume they've changed the input-reader slightly, from " press to activate instanty" to "hold until activation process is complete" functionality.

    Perhaps that's also related to the problem here; that the game is expecting the various keys/buttons to be pressed and held for the required time?
    If you've got a macro set up to initiate the docking process, for example, maybe you need to redo it to include longer button-pushes?

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    I have a similar problem with my Saitek X-56. When I start ED I cannot select any menu items in the main menu with my joystick (bound to the castle hat on my stick) until I alt tab to windows, start joy.cpl and select properties for the stick. I have this problem since 3.0 where it happened a few times before, but since a few days (a week?) it happens all the time. When I start my PC and first check the stick in the Saitek program everything works. But in ED it only works after I check the properties in joy.cpl. I don't know whether it is ED, Windows or Saitek.

    Fly/land safe.

    CMDR Steyla

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    Not having any issues requesting docking either manually, or using Voice Attack on PC.

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    No issues here, using the T16000 for the last 5 months.

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    I have not been having any of these issues (and the issues I was having with my X-56 were fixed with a new powered USB hub), but I'll keep an eye out.


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    I recently had an issue like that. Fully exiting Discord solved it.

    I have no idea how or why the two should be related, but there were. If I try to run discord, the app or the web version, I get that behavior.

    I have another computer I can run discord on, so it's no big deal.

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    Do you have your headlook on as default or turned on when this happens? My UI select does not work if I have turned the headlook on. I have T16000 and using mouse occasionally in menus I turn headlook accidentally on (mouse middle button) and after that I cannot use joystick UI selections until I turn it off.

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    Just having issues with my hotas in general at the mo. After a few years I think my second hand X52pro is beginning to die. My Krait kept on spinning and heading down towards the planet yesterday (and no I hadn't been drinking).

    Is was very lucky not to die on a number of occasions.

    Need to get a replacement I think pretty soon.

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    Ty all, you guys are excellent

    From the replies I have decided the problem is at my end, as obviously none of you have same problem as me

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    As above, my suspicions were correct, so were suspicions of 1000s who say saitek has gone to pot !!!
    I had no problems with my X-52 pro for over 12 years(I had an early version,not the rehashed cheap version that came later) , but less than 2 years of use with my X-55 and I find wire breaks in throttle due to flexing(throttle movement).
    Here is a very short video I found explaining a problem just like mine.

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    p.s. I have painstakingly repaired it, time to try ED

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    Is there room inside to add some kind of protection for the wiring?

    My own Saitek X45 has become a bit of a "mutant" over the years and one of the things I've done is wrap about 100mm of "spiral wrap" around the wires inside the throttle to protect them where they exit the throttle pivot and then secure the loose end to a handy PCB mounting post using a P-clip (with a slightly longer screw).
    Both items available from eBay (other retail outlets are available).

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