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Thread: PS4 Connection issues

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    PS4 Connection issues


    I'm not the only one tonight.

    It's not PSN, or my PS4, or my own internet. It's you, FDEV. Please fix.

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    Same here. Can see people online and comms with them, but can't play game

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    The problem is definitely PSN and not FDEV. If you check the site Downdetector there is multiple reports over the last hour or so.

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    PSN is having issues so if you weren't online with the game prior to the issues you won't be able to connect. It's a really weird problem that happens now and then

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    Not sure that is the case. I managed to play a different online game with no problems

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    Gaming and social is having issues on PSN right now. That component is needed for connecting to ED servers.

    Been playing other games in the meantime. Battlefront II seems unaffected.

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    Aaah OK. Thanks for the info

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    So there goes the 20 "time sensitive" wing missions I've been working on all day, not only will it cost me the 50-50 Mil in credits but also the mission failure fines and the lost reputation with my home base factions - Great!..... I wonder why I bother.

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    Its been 3 hours so far and I doubt this will be fixed tonight.

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    Well looks like everything is online now.

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    Still can’t log in though.

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    I was finally able to log in this afternoon after numerous reboot and retries. Logged off for dinner, now canít get in again. Is there a status on fixing this issue

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    PSN has been back and forth for about 9 hours now, still ongoing.

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    I left my game session and entered the main menu yesterday evening to go make dinner. START was available. I came back a few minutes later and START wasn't available.
    And I haven't been able to play this morning either. PSN status says everything is up and running - but I'm still not able to START Elite: Dangerous, so the problem still exists as of 0543Z 13 Jul

    C'mon Sony

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    According to Sony, the maintenance on psn is now over but still can't connect to ED serveurs.
    Maintenance Frontier ?

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