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Thread: Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

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    Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

    I posted this over on the JWE subreddit, and people said I should cross-post it here too. So, here we go.

    Whooooboy. Prepare for a long read. Devs at Frontier, this one's for you guys.

    As we all know, the community isn't particularly satisfied with the sizing of some of the dinosaurs in game. The Trex/Giganoto/Spino debacle is a stand out example, but they are not the only problems. In fact, many animals in game are either oversized or undersized compared to their overall on-screen appearances or (if they lack screen appearances) the fossil record.

    People even consistently ask the question "where's all the small dinosaurs?". The answer? Well, they're in the game. They're just oversized.

    But, why does size matter?

    Well, size is another factor in animal diversity. Sure, the animals may look different, but if they're all similar in size, then that basically makes them clones of one another with different models rather than completely unique animals. Dinosaurs that may physically look similar to other dinosaurs suddenly have their own little niche to fill in the park if they have their own unique size. Some dinosaurs are even well known simply for their size alone; it's important to get it right.

    As such, about a week ago, I started a little photoshop project looking to correct the sizing issue; I sought to make a size chart.

    Now, couple things about the chart:

    1. The faded images represent what size the particular animal is at the present time. The non-faded images represent the proposed change.
    2. The primary basis of the new sizes are a combination of A) Screen Accuracy, B) Scientific Accuracy, and C) Visual Aesthetic. Usually in that order.
    3. Unless stated otherwise, I primarily judged animals not by their length or the height of their heads, but the height of their hip. There are a few exceptions of course, but the hip height was the primary measurement used.
    4. Some of the animal images are not perfectly at a side angle; it's very hard to accumulate images of these dinosaurs that are accurate to the game while being in stagnate poses. As such, some tails and heads may seem shorter/longer than usual; a major reason as to why I focused on hip height rather than length or head height.
    5. I may be slightly off on some of the old sizes on a select few examples. I certainly tried my best to get every one perfect, but then again, this is over 40 animals we're talking about here. I'm bound to flub one up somewhere. Comment below and I'll fix it. Nonetheless, the important size in the proposal is the new size.

    That all being said, here is the size chart I came up with (last updated July 12th):

    And here is the explanation from animal to animal (so I don't eat up a huge page with such long explanations):

    (Apologies for using google drive; the files are so big, it's the only sharing method I could manage.)

    And I'll wrap up with one more proposal regarding size:

    A Size Gene
    Much like other modifying genes in the game, a size gene would modify the creature being made, only this time increasing or decreasing an animal's size by a certain few percentage stages (-15%, -10%, -5%, +5%, +10%, +15%). That way, if people want a bigger Tyrannosaur than the standard size, they can have it. If people want a smaller Spinosaurus than the standard size (can't imagine why; but whatever), they can have it. Plus, it would add even more variety to the game to help these creatures truly feel real.

    Nonetheless, that all being said, I hope the folks over at Frontier take this into consideration and I hope you guys here on the forum enjoy it as well.

    Feel free to comment below on any changes you'd personally make, and I'll go ahead and make them if the community majority agrees. There's a reason why the date is labeled on the files.

    Have a nice day.

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    Please also post your suggestions and feedback in the pinned wishlist here, to ensure the Frontier Developers will see it.

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    You made a very detailed good post! That is all what I expect and size's issue had been disscussed a lot in Forum.
    Please post it again on wishlist link as Mod said.
    Hope devs will fix all this size's mistake

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    I pretty much agree with OP entirely. It would make the game much more faithfull to both JP/JW lore and real life Science, as well as making dinosaurs from the same group much more unique. Making all dinosaurs from a certain group so similar in size makes them so bland. It would require a lot of work to get all this rescaling done, but it would make the game much better.

    There are a few things I would point out though:
    -I'm not sure the Pachycephalosaurus in TLW was na adult.
    -I would advise you to use the JP3 size chart T.rex figure in your scale chart. It gives a much better sense of scale of the animal.
    -I don't think Gallimimus should be bigger. It already looks pretty big, even considering Jurassic Park.
    -The Indominus shouldn't be bigger than 50ft. That's it's "would be" full length as an adult.
    -The Giganotosaurus's skull looks way too big. Don't know if i'ts a matter of perspective, but maybe it is a tad too big.

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    I like this post... one thing I really want to see in this game is more accuracy, and at present the dinosaurs are very inaccurate in terms of size.

    A few things I'd change though:
    -The size of the Pachycephalosaurus should be left alone. Maybe from a JP lore standard it's too big, but from a factual standpoint it fits general estimates (and I for one would take reality of lore any day).
    -The size of the Corythosaurus shouldn't be decreased... if anything, it should be increased. Currently it's smaller than the other lambeosaurine hadrosaurs, and yet in life and lore it was around the same size as a Parasaurolophus.
    -The size of the Spinosaurus looks a bit too big... 52 feet long and 17 feet at the top of the head? I'd cut him down by just a bit... maybe get the head under 16 feet?
    -The size of the Indominus still looks a bit big, even downscaled... like the Spino, maybe reduce its size by about a foot?
    -Either Chungkingosaurus is too big, or Huayangosaurus and Kentrosaurus are too small... either way, Chungking and Huayango should be the same size I believe (4.5 meter length I've read) and Kentro should be bigger (5-5.5 meter length)
    -If your going to use the JP3 size chart art for some animals, you should probably use it for all of them, especially since it gives such a clear side view... well, maybe not the Ankylosaurus or Raptors, since they're so much different from the ones in game.
    -For shame about the Camarasaurus's broken tail indeed... but just in case they don't get it, you might want to note the problem like you did with the broken back Archaeornithomimus.
    -You might want to change the color of the text... I find the slightly different shades of red and green difficult to differentiate, and I've got a 30 inch 4k monitor.
    -Labeling Dracorex and Stygimoloch "juvenile pachycephalosaurus"? Really ? Why not just call Torosaurus an "adult Triceratops" while you're at it?

    Lastly, aimed specifically at kjasnksir above me:
    -The Gallimimus should be bigger! An actual Gallimimus is one of the bigger ornithomimosaurs, reaching the area of 12 feet in height.

    An edit, aimed at Dinoken below me:
    -Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only source to suggest the Dilophosaurus were juvenile was the Jurassic Park Game by Telltale... and not only did the game contradict that claim (Dr. Sorkin's notes suggested they were adults, just undersized), but the game isn't even canon. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have scientifically accurate dinosaurs to the silly lore ones, but I don't think any official source claims they're small because they're juveniles.

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    I definitely agree with most of your suggested size fixes.

    However if we are going off the game stats - I think the Brachiosaurus' stats needs to be increased - As I recall - it was listed at about 18.8 meter/61.7 feet long, and 6.4 meters/21 feet tall. But I would add just the stats - not the actual size as it appears in the game - as it seems to roughly match the official size of Brachiosaurus from the JP/JW series - about 25.9 meters/85 feet long, and 13.7 meters/45 feet tall.

    - T.rex should be about the size of Rexy/Roberta from JW & JW:FK - about 5.1 meters/16 feet 10 inches tall, 13.4 meters/44 feet long. and weigh about 9 tons.
    - Giganotosaurus should be about 13.72 meters/45 feet long, and about 4.6 meters/16 feet tall, and weigh about 8.2 tons.
    - Spinosaurus should be about 15 meters/49 feet long, 6.7 meters/22 feet tall, and weigh about 11-12 tons.

    I also think the Dilophosaurus should be a bit bigger - as the ones which attack Dennis Nerdy in JP were basically juveniles or subadults. The adults should be at least 2 meters/6.5 feet tall, about 5.5 meters/18 feet long, and weigh at least 200 kg/440 lbs.