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Thread: Ship destroyed on pad

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    Ship destroyed on pad

    On my way back to the bubble after a long haul passenger run, I set down on a pad at Hillary Depot. Real World, I got up to take care of some stuff while I was parked, and when I got back I saw a message saying my ship had been destroyed, and now I'm staring at a rebuy screen telling me I'm being sent to a detention facility for crimes against the Colonia Council and an 800 credit fine. Is there anyway I can get clarification about what happened, and why my 22 million credit payday and three weeks of travel just went up in smoke?

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    Hey there Mighty Zekken,

    From the sounds of it, you were not in a docked state, either you didn't dock properly or you accidentally undocked before getting up? You would then have been fined and given a bounty for blocking the landing pad, causing you to be shot down. If you would like us to double check this please submit a ticket here:

    And we'll dig through your logs to give you proper clarification.

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    I acknowledge that I may have inadvertently selected LAUNCH when I went to select ENTER HANGER, which is why I'm asking for clarification. I did submit a ticket with my last journal log. If I did screw up like that, I'll take the loss.