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Thread: Python / Krait Setup costs...

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    If you want firepower, Espresso Love is not for you. The "problem" in this context is probably that both Python and Krait are multirole ships, and in my case my focus was on a low profile smuggling/passenger (including wanteds) vessel. She runs at 15% and ices over when landed (10%). No guns, armour or shields to speak of, so if anybody actually manages to target her, she's probably toast.

    Still, I'm currently sitting ion the dock at New Groth and waiting for delivery of my Dolphin while doing some RL stuff. I need some Guardian materials for the shield booster, and the Krait is a b!tch to land near the structures, feels almost like a T-9 from the footprint.

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    The OP did specify minimal/no engineering.

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    I decided to go for the Krait, I've never liked the look of the Python.

    So, having asked the original question I thought I'd give some feedback.

    It's not running all the internals and optionals I'd like, I need to fly around and find them. I should state at this point I'm no battle expert, I think my fighting rank is competent. But Oh My Word! What a lovely ship! It handles very similar to a Cobra, almost as fast to turn, and kicks like a mule wearing very heavy boots. I've just hit a site where I would normally be in trouble after a couple of kills in the FAS, 6/7 kills with the Krait and I'm sitting there wondering if I could get away with making a cup of tea. I haven't equipped the fighter bay yet, I need to learn how they work.

    I'm no veteran of this game, but ooo this is fun to fly. )

    [EDIT] Cost so far, around 150m. But very worth it.

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