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Thread: New player looking for a casual group

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    New player looking for a casual group

    Hi all

    I am a new player based in the UK playing a few evenings a week from around 9-12 looking for a casual group to play with.

    I have been mining in a Type-6 and doing some light bounty hunting in a Viper mk3 so far.

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    Hey there !

    You might want to post the exact same thread in this section of the forums. In the title just add [LFG] so that people see that you are Looking For a Group.

    You can also explain what it is exactly you want to do as a group member, for exemple if you're more oriented torwards combat, exploration, trading, ... Or maybe a bit of everything ^^

    Don't forget to specify the platform you're playing on : PC/PS4/xBox one.

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy the game and fly safe o7

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    Good link from Dsign. Also check out this thread:
    We are a very casual group who meet up officially once a week (Wednesday evenings) but also any other time we are on line and feel like it

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    Thanks guys!

    Cheers for the advice. Will repost

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    And welcome on the forums !

    Fly safe

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    Welcome Cmdr. Stay frosty out there,,,,