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Thread: PC player UK based looking for casual play group

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    PC player UK based looking for casual play group

    Hi all

    I am a new player just getting into E.

    So far I have been mining in a type-6 and doing some light bounty hunting. I would like to do some flying in a wing, team dogfighting and maybe even powerplay type stuff in the future.

    I mostly play from around 9-12ish in the evenings, don't have time for huge grind as I have a young child so mostly just looking for similar minded people who want to fly cools space ships
    and have fun.

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    I can thoroughly recommend joining a group. If you fancy liberating people from their capitalist oppressors, there are links in my signature. If not, good luck in your quest for a player group.

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    Space communism? Interesting.
    I can see that you have a discord in your profile, can I jump into it?

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    By all means, come and have a chat, there's usually a few people about at any hour of the day.

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    The Patriarchs are a Community open to ALL Platforms, designed with the Working Man in mind. We are a Casual gaming community for Husbands, Dads, College Guys, and Career Guys simply trying to balance Life, Work, Wife/Girlfriend, Class, and maybe a couple kids. We understand if you can't always be on or make an event, and with us, it won't be held against you. We're AWESOME like that! The Patriarchs are an Alliance based PMF, but it doesn't matter how you play the game. Exploring the depths of Space, thinning out that nasty nest of Pirates, monitering Thargoid activity, Trading, Mining, or simply shuttling passengers to new destinations.
    Due to our natural casualness, we have very few guidelines for membership:

    1)Be A Guy over 18
    2) Keep Language As PG As Possible (kids could be present)
    3) ‎Join Our Wing on INARA
    4) ‎Use the free Discord App for community discussions.

    If you're interested in joining us, please PM me.

    Fly Safe Commander! o7

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    Hi CMDR

    Sounds like you'd be a perefect fit to come and join us at the Fatherhood!

    We are a friendly community focused group, aimed at people who don't get a lot of time to game - we'd be glad to welcome you aboard

    All the info you need is here:

    Hope to see you there CMDR!


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    If you're up for just mucking about, or looking for a bit of advice, check out:

    Don't let the name fool you. We do a bit of consensual PvP, but mostly just in stock sidewinders from time to time. Most of the time though we just get together and go off and do something fun (or stupid )

    We have 'experts" (I use the term loosely) in combat, trading, mining, the BGS, Powerplay, Guardian stuff (not my strong point as you may have noticed) etc.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I will be in touch etc. Good to see so much support for new people on the forums.

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    Don't forget to come see us, we are recently added player faction and a growing community. If your 21+ of age click on those link below and see for yourself what we offer.