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Thread: Krait - Combat Version

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    Originally Posted by Stealthie View Post (Source)

    The thing that constantly impresses me about the Krait is it's PDist.
    Last night I got into a fight with an NPC Challenger and afterwards I realised that I'd had 4 pips to shields for the entire time, cos I'd set them to recharge my shields after a previous fight.

    With a C8 PDist, I'd be concerned it'd turn into some kind of quantum power generator capable of destroying the entire galaxy.
    Actually, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but, y'know...
    Stealthy... I think u might have missed the sarcasm.
    He was merely playing along with the “buff everything” jape.

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    I wouldn't make it longer, or wider. Maybe thicker. Just copy the bottom half and stick it to the top half. That would be a better model for the krait phantom.
    Oh and swap the ridiculous antennae for hard points.

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    x5 plasma. End of discussion.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Corlas View Post (Source)
    It's weird how on the forums "give it more utility slots" is code for "I want stronger shields".
    Yup. And I want shields nerfed to the point they are only just barely useful.

    Then we get combat diversity back. Not just Meta teet suckling scrubs as far as the eye can see, with little to no build variation.

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