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Thread: Can someone please explain the fine system to me .... because I am clearly missing something

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    Originally Posted by Sylveria View Post (Source)
    Well, hey you know- loitering in a station will get you the death penalty, after all.

    I've been playing for well over 4 years now and still waiting on someone to explain the viability of that one to me.

    Absurdity at its finest.
    It is the old biblical approach: kill everybody for anything.
    If it worked for the ancient hebrews....

    Although, to be honest... I never read about them loitering in space stations.

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    Originally Posted by MickyG1982 View Post (Source)
    Or, preventing trolls by stopping them from blocking up the entrance to the station or its pads... I can guarantee if that "little bit of mean fun" wasn't there it's exactly what certain players would do...
    I know what it's *for* but it works by instant escalation to lethal threat (and then death), there's no steps in-between...and when many landing pads STILL have glitchy stuck-ing issues thanks to those nonsensical lightposts, it becomes a bigger issue.

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    Originally Posted by V'larr View Post (Source)
    Isn't this sort of a good thing? Kinda just a case of "it only makes sense" in my eyes?
    Maybe you are right. I didn't think about it in terms of good thing or bad thing. It's just my way of adapting to a cumbersome situation. I just focus on a solution so I can keep playing with minimal hassle. Maybe if things change, I will come out from the "underground". Until then, I am Proximo waiting for Rome to re-legalize gladiating.

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