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Thread: Matching options for jumping into a group?

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    Matching options for jumping into a group?

    Haven't played much of the multiplayer aspect, but is there a matchmaking/quick-join option for players just wanting to join other commanders for specific duty goals?

    IE: If I wanted to run bounty hunting missions, is there a way I can join a commander specifically for that job type, and warp to their current system in my current ship? Very quick and straightforward drop-in, drop-out sort of deal, with the exception of having to still locate the joined player wherever they are in the system you jumped into?

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    You might look for a group with bounty hunting as primary activity.

    Probably a good bet too .. Community Goal?
    (Station missions board and with a yellow marker in Galaxy Map) this week; Defend traders in Ebor (Morris Enterprise) ; Earn rewards by handing in Bounty Vouchers at Morris Enterprise in the Ebor system.

    I suggest ; join in the CG and use in game chat, open play (safe when docked in the station) to shout out for wing mates?

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    For multi-crew, the answer is yes.

    For wings, the answer is no - you either find a group to wing up with (the Dangerous Groups forum is useful for this) or wing up on an ad hoc basis with other CMDRs you meet as you go about your business.