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Thread: Jurassic World Evolution - Community News Update

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    Thanks for the info Rousseau! I always used to bring that kind of info up when people would claim a spino or giga would destroy a Rex. Please, if the rex gets a hold of anything it's over for them. The only thing a rex needs to worry about is another rex. So sick of the scenes in jp3 or jw where the rex gets a hold of the spino and indomius neck and they somehow power out and win. If the rex gets a hold on anything's neck it's over with, fight over!

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    An response

    Originally Posted by Flint2025 View Post (Source)
    Does anybody have links to frontiers twitter and redditt pages? It's time to start blowing them up!

    This game is not on par to where it needs to be. Im sick of checking everyday for an update that isnt thwre yet. Im sick of not knowing what we're going to get and how long before we get it. Frontier i want a timeline!!!!! If the next update isnt going to be until september, fine, but at least TELL US!!!! Tell us if it we'll get hunting mechanic next week or in 3 months... Tell us what your specifically going to do to fix this game.
    "" and scroll to the bottom of the page to find their social page links.

    FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and a link to these forums are all right there at the bottom of the home page.

    Also, Frontier doesn't have a subreddit, but if you want to go to "" and join thousands of other players posting complaints about the game you can - Bo is active daily on the subreddit, so you may very well get a response from her.

    But don't expect anything from Bo besides generic responses. She's very good at keeping secrets and hasn't given out any more information than what she's allowed to give out.

    There's been a list compiled and shared there on the subreddit that contains the features, additions, and changes that have been (more or less) confirmed by Bo to be arriving with the next update.

    These include but are not limited to "Longer Dinosaur Lifespans", "Carnivore Hunting Urges (have been addressed and will be changed)", "Viewing Cameras (Viewing Gallery and Platform, Monorail)".

    You can find a lot more information by looking for yourself.

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    As a developer, a long time developer, I'll respectfully disagree with the challenges of changing Dino sizes... I know how easily this is in any engine no matter how home-brew or proprietary the engine is. But it is work if you're having to scale animations and re-rig them. But also as a developer, I can also respect this just isn't a high priority in light of so many other priorities. I just think you're sending the wrong message to the community. That old school way of saying things can't be done to get them to pipe down isn't as effective as saying it's something we've looked at and we just have a lot of higher priorities to address first. Consumers aren't as ignorant as they once were. Anyone on this forum can DL Unity or UE4 as examples, read the tutorial on character and mesh handling for a pretty clear understanding of how it's not any different than it's ever been, but it's just a matter of how much work, and again, it's likely a pretty minimal return on that work. But lets be honest, it's so immersion breaking I won't even incubate those dinos anymore.

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    Hey Bo, is there a list I can look at to see how the game's being improved upon?

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    A song for Frontier

    I'm still waitin' for your
    oh I'm still waitin' for your
    I'm still waitin' for your updateee...

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    Future dlc?

    Hey! I was wondering if there would be some sort of blood pack and/ way of killing dino's rather than just tranquilize? Abit like operation genisis had. I've been in a situation where 5 raptors are going to town on my guests an tranquilizing them just wasn't cutting it

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    Updates and patches

    Hey Frontier have the updates and patches for Jurassic world evolution been released for all platforms yet

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    Will you ever add Compy's into the game?

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    Originally Posted by Boax View Post (Source)
    Hey Frontier have the updates and patches for Jurassic world evolution been released for all platforms yet
    Not yet, we should hopefully have some more news for you soon

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    After the recent interview with colin trevorrow has been released there should be no excuse why microceratops and other small dinosaurs can’t be added to the game, right? Especially since Colin stated that the micro is one of his favorite and would be his dinosaur pet of choice. Still hoping the micro dinosaurs will be in future dlc (micro, compys, dryosaur, etc.).


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    Originally Posted by Bo Marit View Post (Source)
    Not yet, we should hopefully have some more news for you soon
    Looking forward to seeing what's new. I've pretty much stopped playing due to the issues i've been having - mainly the completely useless fences.

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    I think what I want most out of a future update is the "Rainforest" Skin to be applicable to Velociraptor...Who didnt buy Jurassic World Evolution and want to incubate "Blue".

    Other than that, some updated Dinosaur behaviour would be amazing. Similar to how it has already been released that most large Carivores other than Indominus and Indoraptor (which I agree with, it was their signature trait in the movies) will now hunt based on their hunger. If Large Herbivores which are capable of combat situations were protective of dinosaurs which arent, similar to the behaviour in "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis". Where players would find a Triceratops running the the aid of a Gallimimus about to be swallowed whole by a Tyranosaurus.

    With the change to Carnivores in mind, does this mean that Large Carnivores will now "Territory" instead of always immediately "Fighting" based on comfort/Hunger threshold (more than break out but less than 100%) or completely by chance depending on how aggressive the dinosaur species is e.g Indominus 90% chance of Territory, vs T-Rex who is now killing based on hunger may have a 70% of Territory when neither full nor uncomfortable but if either of those switch, it becomes a 30% chance of Territory.