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Thread: Can't find my posts

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    Originally Posted by Stigbob View Post (Source)
    It's my fault I searched for "doomed" and broke everything.
    I didn't know you were related to Private Frazer!

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    Originally Posted by alski View Post (Source)
    You should try where I work... You would also need answers to the following questions

    Do you have a have a signed off Change Request?
    Approved by QA?
    No, no, even for a single SQL insert we need an approved change request.
    Yes QA have to sign off that they can see the change working in a test environment
    What do you mean QA won't be able to see the change?
    Yes they should pretend to be the user.
    No I'm sorry I cannot liaise with Security because spoofing the users account isn't allowed.

    Have you got approvals now?
    I'm sorry but the time that you said you were going to start the work has passed. Can you please change it.
    Yes that reset all the approvals. Can you contact them again?
    Yes APAC have to re-approve it. We cannot skip it while they are at lunch.

    Now everyone is back from lunch and has signed it off, it has missed its start time. Can you move it back again please.
    Yes the QA will have to sign it off again.
    And all the approvals are needed again

    What do you mean the problem has spread to more users?
    Yes the change request is now a higher risk because it's not an isolated incident. You need to fill in this additional form.
    Yes we understand that the sooner it is done the less impact it will cause. Please fill in the form.
    And you need to contact that department to sign it off.
    Yes that is a US phone number. They will be in soon...

    The start time has passed again, can you move it back again.
    Yes the QA will have to sign it off again.
    And all the approvals are needed again.

    No I'm sorry if your APAC regional signoff is unavailable it will have to wait until tomorrow.

    (True story based on last Tuesday!)
    Heh, I am currently implementing an automation for the last 1 year, initial estimate was 3 weeks. Thankfully I work in a large company so there are lots of people to share the burden.

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