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Thread: "Ignore thread" is working!

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    "Ignore thread" is working!

    Sorry for the tangential necro but after years of this...

    Originally Posted by Jack Schitt View Post (Source)
    Honestly, the state of the front page of Dangerous Discussion is awful at the moment; dozens of threads rehashing the same old tropes. All I want is the ability to click on the first post, verify that it's the same old guff, select Ignore This Thread and never have to see it again in any view unless I've already posted to it or I remove it from the Ignore list. Is that really too much to ask? looks as though one of the recent updates has finally made this feature work. Go to a subforum homepage, click on a thread, select Ignore this Thread from Thread Tools, and refresh the homepage.

    Bang! And the thread is gone.

    Seriously, this is a game changer and will encourage me to spend more "quality" time reading and hopefully interacting with the more productive threads on these forums, instead of suffering from blood pressure bursting déjà vu just from repeatedly reading the thread titles. Apologies in advance to anyone with more patience than I, who might post occasional pearls of wisdom into those threads that show evidence of repeated post-mortem equine flagellation. Chances are I will not see your output.

    Please let this be a deliberate and permanent fix, and not an accident that's going to disappear with the next tweak.

    Let sanity return!

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    The ignore forum & ignore thread feature will likely remain on our forums up until we change forum software.

    Do note that both ignore types have a limit in place, once you hit the limit, the older ignored threads and forums will be removed. Otherwise, it will fill up the caches we use on the forum.

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    Since the update a couple of weeks ago I've had to re-ignore a few forums. "Xbox One Bug Reports" now gets listed multiple times on my list of ignored forums on my Settings page. Just posting in case it's of use to be aware.

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    Bit of a mini-necro but while this thread is still active it seems as good a place as any:

    I know the forums have been undergoing some maintenance and other tweaking over the past month or so, but I've noticed over the past couple of days that the Ignore This Thread feature seems to be broken again. If I go to a subforum page, click on a thread, select Ignore This Thread from the menu then refresh the main subforum page, the thread is still there. This is not how it was behaving a couple of months ago.

    I know back in July that Brett said the feature would remain "until we change forum software" but it's unclear whether this meant that it would be transferred over, replaced with something similar or removed altogether. I bring it up now because once again a number of forums, most notably Dangerous Discussion and the Exploration subforum, seem to have become a melange of rehashed threads with the same old voices parroting the same old opinions, and because I don't like Ignoring specific users (everyone has something useful to contribute at some point) the Ignore This Thread feature has been a godsend when this has happened in the past.

    Has this feature been removed or just temporarily quashed as a result of the forum maintenance (either deliberately due to limited resources or accidentally)? I'm going to really miss it if it's gone completely. It's the only thing that makes reading the forums manageable when they turn into the World Handbag Championships.

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    I too have noticed that ignored threads are visible again.

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    Will check into this. Chances are, it might've broke and may not be fixed. As it is a 3rd party addon, and there's been no given-support for it for many years now.

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    Will check into this. Chances are, it might've broke and may not be fixed.
    That's disappointing. For reasons I won't elaborate on here, 2019 is likely to be a particularly stressful year for my family and me, and I've made a conscious decision to avoid as much self-inflicted annoyance as possible over the next few months, especially when it comes to internet-related activities. Without the ability to quickly dismiss those threads whose very presence is enough to irritate me, I may have to greatly limit my presence on the ED forums going forward.

    I realise this is extremely subjective, and opens me up to accusations of "snowflakery" and other choice keyboard warrior insults, but I really have come to rely on the Ignore This Thread feature to maintain a healthy signal-to-noise ratio. Without it I'm not sure I'll be in the right headspace for wading through the muck to find the truffles. The plethora of whack-a-mole "I love / hate the FSS" threads are already annoying me beyond reason, and it's only January 6th.

    Does anyone know of a plug-in for Chrome or Firefox that can achieve something similar by modifying the HTML locally?

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    Delved into the code, it appears to have bit the dust at some point. Not seeing any errors thrown by it, so it seems to be dead. :/

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    Judging from the frequency of post,its the ded thread necro code that appears to be the code to avoid.
    Happy kwanza.