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Thread: Can't really lay without PIPs?

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    Can't really lay without PIPs?

    As the title says. I don't have any control of my PIPs.

    I don't play that often and updated with the latest season last week and now I have no PIPs graphics. I have tried logging back in; twice now. I have gone to the options menu and re-mapped the key-board keys I use. Again, rechecked this. But no PIPs showing at the bottom of sys/weapons/engine bars and so I have no idea, where they are set, or if key-board input, is doing anything.

    Any ideas?

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    Usually if no pips showing it means there is something wrong with the power distributor.

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    As in, is it turned off or did you repair it- as it will switch off and you will have to switch it back on...

    Just to clarify

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    I'll have a look at that, when I log in next time.

    I have had no issues with the P.D. No repairs or re-buys recently, but it could be a glitch.

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    I just realised that this thread is in the wrong place; if a friendly Mod could correct this. I would be very happy.

    Thanks guys.

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    Thank guys; that worked. Don't know why P.D. was switched off; but it is back on and all is fine.

    Again: Thanks.

    The thread can be taken down now.

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    You're one confused dog, Arry.

    Glad you've figured it out.

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    I blame Arry.