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Thread: Not able to log in with verification code

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    Not able to log in with verification code

    I just bought the game elite danderous. downloaded it and installed it.
    I got to the log in and entered the verification code at least 10 times and it wont accept it.
    It says to pay for the game. Whats going on?
    I turned off the firewall and the antivirus completely and turned off adblocker.
    Its useless if I cant log on;
    Please help

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    Check out those:

    and you may need to enter a billing address in your Frontier account (not sure if that's still required, but it solved problems some time ago).

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    Hey there CMDR!

    Sorry to see you are having a bit of bother trying to get in the game.

    We will need you to make a support ticket as we are going to need some account information from you in order to help get this sorted. You can create a ticket here: