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Thread: Anything coming in the next patch for "Refilling of feeders"

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    Originally Posted by Jcpo View Post (Source)
    For now they could simply add a "almost empty" status so we can anticipate and not refilling for only one missing stock or when it's already empty...
    Wouldn't this just mean we refill the feeders even more frequent?? Before they run out... I don't really get this argument. Sorry.

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    Originally Posted by MarcWP View Post (Source)
    Wouldn't this just mean we refill the feeders even more frequent?? Before they run out... I don't really get this argument. Sorry.
    Yeah that would means more notifications... no thanks. Wouldn't solve anything

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    Yeah, I think the best short term solution is to increase the quantity of stored food (especially in the tall herbivore ones). Achievable in very little time - changing a few values (one would hope).
    IMO, not the best long term solution, more gameplay such scheduling patrols and staffing surrounding such systems would be a better move, but a lot more work from numerous departments.

    Either way, I just want to know if it's being "improved" upon.

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    For me the best thing is to increase the amount of food per feeder, 5/5 in the carnivores and the high feeders for hervibors Its very little.

    You can also use the Zoo Tycoon 2 method where the park rangers could select the enclosure so that they automatically go to the selected enclosures, here you can apply with the Jeeps, 1, 2 and 3 and that each can be assigned enclosures and that they go to fill them auto (under an expensive investigation)

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    Reviews now dropped down to Mixed on steam. 2.5k players per day left. Gotta be time for some news, surely.
    Edit: and by news, I mean the roadmap / timeline that was spoke about.

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    Overall 8,268 Mostly Positive
    Recent 1,009 Mixed

    Planet Coaster, who noone has decried as dead or dying as far as I've seen, is currently sitting at 2.7k.

    Let me take you back in time for a moment: 2003; a month or two after JPOG launched. Mixed Reviews- "Stunning" 3d graphics but "Shallow" gameplay, "Great if you're into dinosaurs" but skippable if your not. No Mod support (few games did back then).
    Any of this starting to sound familiar?

    And can you explain to me the desperate obsession several critics have with active daily players? So many of y'all are talking about player count like this is a MMO that needs those numbers to function. This game does not. If you're alone, "The Isle" can only be so much fun (and it's an amazing game, don't get me wrong), but if you're the only one playing JWE or there's 60k other players on at the same time your experience is the same.

    TheHunter: Primal launched largely unnoticed, feature-incomplete and slowly died for a few months (coming back for a month a year later with a small dlc). JWE is not in any such crisis and is not in any such danger. Planet Coaster's all-time concurrant is 20K; JWE is 60k. Without a roadmap, assume dlc will get released at the rate and price it's released for Planet Coaster. Like with JPOG, a few years from now noone will remember the mixed reviews or care about the player count- and JPOG never got any dlc.

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    Well, the obsession, I guess, is born out of it being one of few factual figures that can be seen.
    Combine that with average hours played which has gone from 20 hours to just under 6 in the last two weeks and the achievements and you get a fair picture that people are not playing it much, at the moment.

    Frontier (or DB) say this:
    “It’s a compelling experience that you can play for a long time,” suggests David. “The average play time is already over 20 hours so people are engaging and staying engaged.

    I personally disagree as is becoming evident.

    At the end of the day, I'm just digging for info, I want to love the game, it has its moments and it has potential, but its lacking in a lot of areas. I'm not saying its in a crisis either. I could just walk away and let it go.. in fact, that is exactly what I am going to do, from this post forward, until some news hits the official channels at least.

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    Closed at request of OP.

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