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Thread: Witte Museum Fossils

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    Witte Museum Fossils

    Took my family on a trip to the Witte Museum in San Antonio this past weekend. They don't have a huge fossil collection but I thought you all might enjoy seeing what they did have. There was also a temporary summer exhibit with a bunch of animatronics and a few more fossils.
    Quetzalcoatlus viewable from the second floor

    Tyrannosaurus Rex seen from above



    Archaeopteryx skeleton and recreation

    Parasaurolophus and Triceratops jaw sections

    Partial juvenile Triceratops skull

    Alamosaurus leg





    Agujaceratops juvenile skeleton and adult skull.

    Kritosaurus skull

    Deinosuchus skull as the centerpiece

    Close up of T-Rex skull

    Following pictures are from the temporary animatronic exhibit called Predators vs Prey
    Deinonychus and Tenontosaurus



    Nodosauridae fossils

    Deltasuchus jaw fragment, Deinosuchus tooth, and various herbivore bones showing bite marks.

    Various T-Rex fossils

    Protohadros skull


    Deltasuchus skull

    Nanuqsaurus skull known form the Prince Creek Formation in Alaska

    Bravoceratops skull

    Ceratopsidae art display



    Postosuchus skull



    Pachycephalosaurid fossils

    Then on the way out one more of the T-Rex

    And one last pic as we headed to the door. Quetzalcoatlus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Acrocanthosaurus

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    These are awesome, thanks for sharing.

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    Wow! That's an amazing exhibition, wish we had something similar to that here in Australia!

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    other things apart you took some really cool photos

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    Great post mate!!

    I feel like visiting some museums now.

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    Thanks all, happy to share with fellow dino lovers like myself! Yeah, lived in the area for ten plus years and had never been. For being a fairly small museum I was impressed by how much they actually had, will definitely be going back.