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Thread: No point in naming dinos

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    It's not like it's going to come to you if you call it . . .

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    i do wish we could hear a little news on a timeline. I canít wait to see the improvements. Especially on lifespan. Today I went back to Nublar and finished building a park. I tried to maximize space by using only one hatchery. I have all my dinos at max lifespan and canít even fill up my park without them starting to die off like a domino effect. Frustrating.

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    I find it very annoying that on steam the Recent News for the game is linked to some random annoying website that posts articles about different games like a top ten's.
    The only dinosaurs right now that live really long are the sauropods. But from what I have seen the dinosaurs can die early if they are stressed and needs aren't 100% met.

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    Personally, I think the naming of dinosaurs should also come with a better notification system of low health animals, sick, animals, and potential escapees. If you can do it for the fights, then you can do it for these events too.

    For example, if I name a T. rex "Maharani," I wanna know everything about her as mentioned.

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    The more dinosaurs in the park, the more aggravating it can be to constantly have to deal with dead dinosaurs. It's especially problematic when dealing with animals that require a certain number of same-species animals, since they start to break out of the enclosure before you can incubate more, and then it's non-stop wrangling for an hour! This is an issue that plagued Zoo Tycoon as well.

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