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Thread: Dino Fight Animations...

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    Dino Fight Animations...

    What is with some of the animations in dino fights?
    They will just stop in the middle of killing each other and turn their back on the other, rub noses with each other
    Step away and walk in place with tiny steps like they are 95 years old...

    Not just random either. Every fight, like the dev team sat down and said, "We need to take time and money and make sure these are in the game."
    I don't get it. Can't imagine this would have happened in real life, and it makes the fights take forever to play out.

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    I didn't always happen until the first update or two they did. But I can tell you why it's in there... It's because it's clearly a precursor to dino behavior we had in Operation Genesis.... In OG the dinosaurs would square off/fight briefly, then the weaker/submissive animal would run away. From that time on the weaker dinosaur would panic and flee when around the other dinosaur. Im pretty sure this is meant for that.

    I think It's also a precursor for better AI where an animal recognizes it has low health and might it stops fighting to go off and heal. The only problem is that the dino's don't go off and heal, usually they only take a few steps away from each other and then turn back and start fighting again. Im hoping after another couple of updates the animals behavior is tweaked so they only fight if their at 100 health or close to it, and a weaker animal will tend to run away from fights to heal.

    Hopefully it will be random for each dinosaur you breed, for instances some dinosaurs of the same species seem to break out more often then others you clone. Hopefully fighting will be the same way, some will be whimps and flee, others will dominate and fight.