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Thread: Can someone explain this?

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    Can someone explain this?

    is there something going on with corrupt data / hacking, at the servers?

    why has this happened?

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    in the THIRD image, the numbers seem correct as to what has been in Hecate, for the last day or so / few days, depending on how marginally one might mean,

    but something, does not look right, it is way too unlikely, that a faction at over 50% , has ALSO been dropped to zero%,..

    hopefully only a glitch, but the discrepancy when the amount of push behind the brotherhood in the last week or so, has seemed quite a lot more than it's usually capable of,

    and even tho some Utopians put some effort into bounty hunting the pirates, i don't think we did THAT much!


    could it be an attempt to invalidate the TMjp's control temporarily, so NEXT week, the strongest will be determined to be the one in control,.. some kind of PROCEEDURE, when there's been a bug?

    ie, someone's deliberately created a problem, so the RESULT of the proceedure, is to ARBIRTRARILY select the strongest, as the faction that 'should' , have the system, when someone tries to fix a problem?

    ie, someone might have KNOWN that the brotherhood would end up the highest, when having become concerned, that we would fight back enough to stop their progression, and this is a attempt to EXPLOIT THE RULES, ABUSE THE RULES, by trying to MIS-use process, of Frontier's, in CIRCUMSTANCES of having to sort out a system with a problem with it's data.

    i put in over 10 Million's worth in bounties in the last week, and someone i was flying with last night, put in over 9...

    and that's just two pilots,..

    so if anyone thinking they should assume that the Terra Mater faction 'would' , have lost it, were they asked to / supposed to try to identify, LIKELY, hands-changing,...

    who the system 'would' have changed to, were one to assume that the highest would take it...

    Then reconsider... Utopia is not a Galatic Power that just goes... oh well, this faction is as good as another, who cares?

    we are by comparison, a Galatic Power that cares more than most, about which, and puts a lot of effort into the BGS.


    This kind of 'discrepancy', is not unheard of , in ED.

    please CHECK the totals, for Hecate, this week, Frontier, BEFORE doing such a step, in terms of the potential of a DELIBERATE evasion, of how much has been done, JUST BEFORE, THE WEEKLY TICK.

    ie, it's a very small amount of time, in which if someone has created something that will prevent NORMAL bounty-totals , to improove the inf% of the faction in charge, currently the TMjp ... then they have done so IN RESPONSE, to the call for bounty hunting that i made, and however much FROM,..

    however much bounty-totals / amounts handed in...

    SHOULD, have been added at the end of the week, NO LESS THAN at the start...

    but deliberately done? ... ONLY BECAUSE, of my call, and how much, we might bring.

    Somewhat-like someone calling in a bomb-threat, at the olympics, when the number 1 beating their number 2 , was going to win, to prevent the result.

    causing some kind of data-failure / discrepancies, that get in the WAY, of normal TOTALS.

    the TOTALLING, of bounties.

    im more than happy to send my client-end journal / similar files, if you want me to.

    Cmdr Vurrath

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    Your post is painful to read, has all the facts (if any, a few lines in I developed a slight headache and maybe a nosebleed) hidden between ALL-capsed FILLER and

    useless line

    breaks indicating structure TO your post

    where there is


    It would help you more if you'd boil things down to some images and a few sentences with only relevant information.

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    Could you explain the core issue or question again?

    The data from the website that your visited seems to be correct. If you are seeing a dramatically different number, it would be the game client was not able to pick the latest status. Does the number changes when you relog the game?

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    I found some of the imagery quite Effective ,,,rhythmic devices which seemed to counterpoint the underlying metaphor of the vogonity