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Thread: JWE more management idea

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    JWE more management idea

    Hey dev team to make the game for immersive we should be able to set salaries for our employees and if we dont pay them enough they sabatoge our park like nedry in shouldn't be that hard to implement that. It's a park management game so let's manage our employees and our dinos give us the feel from the first movie. Also a more complicated thing you can add is hiring different employees that all bring different things to your park, like one will improve guest satisfaction but lower guest count or one that increases guest count but increase price of dino incubation or building process, or one that increases dono welfare but higher chance of power outages and stuff like that so we can manage each of our parks differently and see what happens. Also setting ticket prices. And if they sabatoge the park have npc actually go to the building or gate and sabatoge it rather than random sabatoges. Also sandbox mode, you should be able to see how much money your park is making and/or optional limited money or unlimited money for sandbox make it an actual park management game come on frontier let's make the best jurassic game ever

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    Please post your suggestions and feedback in the pinned wishlist here, to ensure the Frontier Developers will see it.

    Thank you.