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Thread: CIA Is Looking for Dedicated Pilots

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    CIA Is Looking for Dedicated Pilots

    Greetings, CMDRs.

    The Collective of Independent Agents (CIA) PMF is looking for dedicated players interested in PvE BGS and Powerplay to join our ranks of experienced elites. We are diverse in our career achievements and are looking for both experienced and newer players. We can teach new players the mechanics in the game and can help new players get their fleets established and built they way they like, as well as help experienced players get farther along their career objectives. We have both EU and US players in multiple time zones.

    We are a smaller (but active) group looking to expand, as our INF in our core and expansion systems grow. We do weekly wing events and support all play styles and career paths.

    We are aligned with (and abide by the laws of) the Federation / Felicia Winters, but only require allegiance if Powerplay is a player’s focus.

    We require INARA and EDMC use for wing logistics. You can find our INARA page here

    If you’re interested in participating, stop by our Discord and introduce yourself!

    Fly safe!

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    We've started a brand-new initiative to grow the Powerplay activity and section of our Wing, as well as start a new, directed campaign within it.

    Regardless if you're just starting out in Powerplay, or a Powerplay veteran, we'd love to have you on board.

    A pledge to Felicia Winters is required.

    Hit up our Discord linked above and talk to any member of the @Management there (the PP Commander is @L_Adama) and we'll get you started.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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    .... So you require federation allegiance, yet are claiming independency ?

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    Our wing does many PvE aspects of Elite outside Powerplay that doesn't require a pledge, however we are Federation aligned.

    Allegiance is moot if you're pledged to a leader of a superpower, from my point of view.

    Thanks for your feedback.