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Thread: Enclosure Ideas

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    Enclosure Ideas

    What changes and options would you like to have in the Dino enclosures? I would love it if they had different tree and shrub options, rocks and bolders, cliffs, and terrain changes like desert. It would provide more diversity and make exhibit creating much more enjoyable and unique than plus or minus a tree here and there.

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    more vegetation, terrain and fence variation, also different live feeder animals ( pigs, cows, chicken )

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    Agreed to all of the above! Very much needed here!

    It has been mentioned a thousand times but I add it here again:-

    - Paleo Tress and Plants, Redwoods, Tall Grass in TLW.
    - Deeper water with fishes around. (Serve as snacks/amusement for Baryonyx type Dinos)
    - Overhead bridges as in the JW Raptor Paddock. (Of course, needs to be much higher to accommodate the tallest Mamenchisaurus)
    - Fences have different ACTUAL functionalities.

    Nonetheless, people have pointed out earlier that cliffs, rocks, deeper water are not implementable as they serve as obstacles. The current AI system can’t cope with it and there will be serious clipping issues.

    To that, I strongly recommend Frontier to take time to work on them instead of abandoning them.

    Also, having mentioned the AI obstacle-clipping issue, I want to bring up a related topic about Ragdoll Animations. While there are currently many funny-weird instances with the system, I love it very much!! I have no knowledge about animations but I do feel like Frontier should work hard on the Ragdoll System! To me, it is the basis/key to solve the current static interaction animation issues and I believe the game feels much more fluid deep down to the level of gameplay if it is utilised. I’m all for it!!!

    Of course, someone may stop by and say – this is a management game, not a RTS/FPS adventure game. I can’t deny that statement but if the game can be made more fluid, why not?

    Edited: I forgot to mention I would like to see the forest/obstacles serve their actual purposes in the case of carnivores. Instead merely as a stat/requirement, the Carnivores should really utilise them for ambush hunting. That of course, brings more depth to the game as different types of trees/obstacle will have different hiding attributes. Depending on what type of behaviours we encourage on our park, the trees/grasses can be chosen accordingly.