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Thread: Launcher error -

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    Launcher error -

    I had to replace my motherboard this week, and then had to refresh my Windows 7 installation. On a fresh attempt to install from the launcher, progress reaches around 25% then errors out with:

    "Unhandled Exception: Cannot create a file when that file already exists"

    Files still seem to be being created in the Products folder, and if I leave I'll get additional, identical error boxes. Closing any of them closes the launcher.

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    OK, while there's continual activity in one of the resource folders while the error message is displayed, the actual folder size doesn't change so it must be updating the same files over and over.

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    Launcher doing weird things is often down to antivirus software doing dumb stuff it shouldn't, so disabling that or setting up an exception for the installation path may do the trick.

    If you are trying to reuse an old game installation with a fresh Windows installation, make sure that your local user has full access to the installation location too since your new user will most definitely not be the owner or crator of that.

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    My antivirus doesn't do live scanning, only scheduled scans, so it shouldn't be interfering here.

    I nuked the old install trying to fix it, so this is completely fresh.

    Trying again with all the permissions set on the drive, just in case.

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    It's definitely stuck on some files, for example:


    It seems to create a c50a990f7292b9c030f8e16e4f4fc33d85844ad8.PART file, copy it to the main file, then do the same thing again, ad infinitum. All the files on the drive have my user account as owner, everything is writeable, it just never gets past that stage.

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    Poring over the logs and KB articles, seems to be fixed now.

    Clearing the IE cache seemed to fix it; the launcher was being given bad files from the cache, which failed validation and were redownloaded (i.e. served from cache again).

    Fault lies with FD for using IE components, really. Thought everyone knew better than that.

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    Hi Queex,

    I'm glad to hear that you are able to once again get back into the game, however, should you find yourself in a similar situation again please do give us a poke by sending in a ticket via as we are always happy to help!

    In the meantime Fly Safe Commander o7.