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Thread: The game is way too easy financially!

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    The game is way too easy financially!

    The game is not a real financial challenge. Why Hotels, ACU, rangers, exploration, research, galleries, monorails... basically everything building except shops and energy plants, don´t have maintenance costs? After having more than 15 million of cash, money simply doesn´t exist and suddendly you are playing sandbox with contracts. It is also too easy to get 5 stars! The game is getting boring!
    Create a hard mode or just give more deep to the management.

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    I discussed that matter in-depth in another thread if you're interested in checking that out.

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    I kind of have a Pokémon game kind of feeling with this game given how easy it is. I liked a lot of the old school 2D JRPG's when I was younger back in the 90's. The Pokémon games looked like them so I bought a few of them. The mistake I made was I played them like a real hardcore RPG. What I ended up with was a handful of Pokémon that were super tough and I could just blow through the game.

    This is what this issue with this games difficulty seems likes to me. Pokémon games are aimed at kids so I should have known better. I know better now. I have a few Pokémon games laying around that I don't really bother with. The remedy for this recommended by people? Don't level your Pokémon up too much. It makes the game more difficult. I guess something similar will have to be done with this game. Play the game "stupid". Intentionally make it hard.

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    Frontier´s game are simply like that. At least speaking about these sandbob builders. I think they probably want these games to be more popular for Youtubers and so on and these gameplay features are not rly needed for that. The game most flow and look pretty.