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Thread: Things I Hope Come to The Game In The Future

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    Things I Hope Come to The Game In The Future

    More Hybrids: It would be cool if they added some of the hybrids from the jurassic world app into JWE, like the Stegoceratops or the Spinoraptor

    Biomes Instead Of Just Trees And Shrubs: It makes no sense why there arent any biome choices in the game. Dinosaurs didn't only live in forests and grasslands. Dinosaurs like the Suchomimus, Baryonyx, and Spinosaurus lives in swamps or floodlands, why cant we make that biome for our enclosures? Instead they are fine with one pool of water in a grassland. It doesn't seem right. And instead of only grasslands why not savannahs or jungles?

    Fish: Again, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, and Suchomimus didnt just eat meat, they were piscivores, meaning they hunted fish in RIVERS and SWAMPS. Instead of meat it has fish. And we could have a live fish feeder, which you could put into a water source(preferably deep water not the puddles we get) and it will spawn fish for them to hunt.

    Swimming Or Hydration Need: Ok, i'm refrencing these 3 alot, but they are kinda gettting the short end of the stick here(there is alot of stuff that sets them apart from other dinos, but in the game they are just like any other carnivore). Since they were piscivores, they spent alot of time in the water, mostly hunting. When they werent doing that, they were sunbathing and relaxing in the sun. Why cant they do that in the game, would be cool.

    The Ability To Make Your Own Island: Why settle for the same 5 islands(which you can really only have one save, meaning you can only make 5 parks in a huge game like this), when we could make our own? It would make something new every time, menaing you don't only have to work with the same 5 islands over and over.

    Avian Creatures(And Possibly Amphibians Like The Ones In The App): Things like pteranodons would be cool. Instead of fences you would need to make an aviary, and you could add things into the inside like you can with a normal enclosure.

    These are all the ideas I have for now, I might add more later

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    I think it is enough of hybrids. This is a dinosaur game.

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    Please post your suggestions and feedback in the pinned wishlist here, to ensure the Frontier Developers will see it.

    Thank you.