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Thread: Launcher not responding on hitting play

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    Launcher not responding on hitting play

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    23:00 03/08/2018


    None / N/A

    BD+40 2903


    Ship Type

    Commander Name
    CMDR Aigrel

    I'm currently running WIN10 64 bit. Launching game from steam as normal and when hitting play button in the launcher the launcher crashes and game doesn't launch. I tried both the non-horizons launcher and horizons launcher but it does not make a difference. Launcher doesn't produce a crash report or anything either.

    It seems to start just fine and I'm able to open other thing in the launcher except from starting the game itself.

    V 2018.07.17.175761 0.4.6453.0 FD

    Steps to Reproduce
    Launcher crashes on hitting play button

    Additional files?

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    Hey Aigrel,

    Thanks for your report and sorry to hear you currently can't access the game

    I'm going to move this over to the support section of our forum where they'll be able to assist with troubleshooting to resolve this issue with you. I would advise in the meantime creating a ticket with our Customer support to get the ball rolling on this one! Please also include a DxDiag as this would provide us with useful information about your system to see if we can see any potential issues.

    To run a DxDiag report follow the steps below:

    - If you are running Windows 7 or higher, go to your TaskBar.
    - Click on, "Start Button".
    - Click on, "Run".
    - In the pop-up window enter DxDiag and hit ok.
    - The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.
    - Click on, "Save all information".
    - "Save As" window should be present.
    - Click on, "Save" (The file should be saved to your desktop as DxDiag.txt)
    - Exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    Stay safe out there Cmdr!