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Thread: Any well-regarded places to go for the socially-retarded to learn social skills?

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    Originally Posted by Para Handy View Post (Source)
    I'm going to stick this out there for consideration:

    Depending upon where you are, you could do worse that go along to a meeting and just sit there in silence for an hour. Then afterwards, go have a cup of tea and meet some very welcoming people.

    N.B. I am not saying go get religion, the Quakers have a wide range of members and are very tolerant and have no creed. At the very least you will meet some nice people.

    If you want to go the whole hog and "find yourself" - you can always get into transcendental meditation - there is a plethora of TM resources on the net, every library (where the cuts have left any) will have something about it in either self-help, mysticism or similar sections.
    I actually knew a quaker when I did have a job at a (now gone) stable. Got on really well with him I did.

    Originally Posted by Asp Explorer View Post (Source)
    No job and no money can be very debilitating - I know from experience.

    Do you have a driving licence? A vehicle? Maybe look into one of these new-fangled driving service things and take people from A to B for funds. You can be as quiet as you like, and there's the added bonus that your cargo loads and unloads itself.
    Driving is one thing I'll probably never do. It might be me or it might be my medication, but being so much as a passenger in a car causes me to panic. My senses go into overdrive. Cycling is fine because it's much slower.

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    Travel somewhere alone, stay in a hostel dorm. Job done.

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    Do small steps.
    Say hello and good bye to everyone where you buy stuff.
    If offered, make conversation. Most people comment on things like the weather or stuff.
    Try to comment on stuff yourself. If people react, talk to them, even if it's only a sentence or two.
    Do some harmless chatter. Relax. Small steps.

    Find a hobby outside of computers, one with real people. Doesn't have to be full time, but going out and talking will help you.
    It will be awkward first, but you will get used to it. And always remember, no one means you harm.

    It's not open elite, no one wants to gank you

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