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Thread: NASA is back! (not that it ever went away, really)

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    NASA is back! (not that it ever went away, really)

    'After seven difficult years, a fine day for NASA and human spaceflight':

    HOUSTON, Texas—For the first time since September 2010, NASA has named a new, All-American crew that will launch into space from the United States. In fact, the organization announced four of them on Friday, selecting the first two crews that will fly aboard SpaceX’s Dragon and Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft on their test and operational flights.

    NASA celebrated the announcement with all the pomp and circumstance one would expect from an agency that has chafed under a spaceflight gap during which America has relied on Russia for human access to space. As they were announced Friday, each of the nine crew members exulted as he or she walked across the stage. Some raised their arms in triumph. Others pumped their fists. It was a cathartic day in Houston, Texas as a crowd of onlookers in a large auditorium cheered.
    I have always loved NASA, i think it has contributed so much to all humanity over the years, that it just cheers me up no end to see they are so happy about something

    Sure it could be great if it was Great Britian and not the USA doing this stuff, but i've seen Hyperdrive (tv series) so i know exactly what that would be like, and in truth space exploration deserves the biggest and best superpower to drive it. So as a patriotic (though now jaded) brit i just want to say "Go USA!" and be happy for the future vision of humanity they will help forge.

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    ... although it is relying upon commercial spaceflight companies to get the astronauts to space. So no change really, just using US companies rather than Russia, still not doing their own spaceflight.

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    I read that a seat on Soyuz towards the ISS for an American is $ 80 million

    I think that the price includes also the return journey on the earth