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Thread: Patrick Stewart Reprising Role of Jean-Luc Picard

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    One thing I'll say is Jason Isaacs was a highlight, so kinda wasted. I have a vain hope he'll be back.

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    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    I enjoyed Enterprise too (mostly; that third season felt a bit messy and then it picked up during season 4 until the wheels fell off). But from the bits and reviews of Discovery i've seen i just do not see Star Trek in it at all, accept for the names of things (Federation, Klingons etc).
    I have enjoyed discovery more then what I thought I would.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    Original Trek never was as reckless (and Kirk was famous for that), Wars were to be avoided, not started, even if conflicts were always around.
    Yes, but that was set after the klingon war. There were always wars in the trek lore, we just never got to see them.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    Having followed the series since TOS (on tv as a kid), falling 'in love' with TNG (the series high point for me, much of that down to Picard) and feeling it go slowly downhill after, it just looks like STD is Abram's Star Trek and not Roddenberry's. The focus on visual action over story, the loss of morality and having a higher purpose etc.
    It seems like you haven't watched. There is very much a strong story line in it with a lot of tough decisions made, some heartache etc. To me it is still very much like trek, but set in war time that did happen in the trek universe.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    Anyway i 'think' the rot actually started in TNG and with the direction Deep Space Nine wanted to go. That was the first real 'Dark Star Trek', where the future utopian 'dream' that WAS Star Trek started to become something different, and find a different audience with different tastes.
    I have no issues with new directions otherwise it would all end up being the same again and again and again. Things need to evolve and change with the times. It can't stand still.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    The later episodes of TNG (iirc it might have been Voyager or both!) where the 'alternate' time-line comes in depicting a different non-Roddenberry future where the utopia never really happened and it was the simple progress of our current world ideology that carried on to the future (so Capitalism and War formed The Federation); well that was the first expression of this shift that ultimately led to the death of Star Trek and the rebirth of New Star Trek and the Abram's films and all that will now follow.
    Abrams files are not that bad. The worst one was the second in my view. That last one I think is the best out of the three. Really enjoyed it.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    We don't want Utopia these days, we want to see the wounds and suffering of our own demise as that clock ticks down to zero hour. We are a different people with a different ideology on what the future can be.
    Utopia is great, but it never lasts. I think it will take a lot longer then a few hundred years for human to evolve into better beings.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    Anyway i'm old school and want a utopian future for human kind rather than a bleak messy clamber for existence in a growing hostile world. Hope over despair.
    Don't we all want that.

    Originally Posted by Zak Gordon View Post (Source)
    Since Abrams reboot of New Star Trek (and New Star Wars) i just smell the despair of humanity doomed to fail, and that just ain't my thing. I don't think Patrick Stewart understands just what fundamental changes have taken place, and what 'vision' he is going to be supporting.
    I don't see it that way really. I still think the new Trek films (apart from number 2) where pretty good. Not great, but perfectly reasonable.

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    Great news, a return to proper Trek.

    Discovery is simply appalling.

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