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Thread: 5000 ly journey confirmation.

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    5000 ly journey confirmation.

    So I'm on this cruise to cover 5000 ly, how do I know when I'm that far from my start point?

    Do I get a message, does the engineer get in touch? Or do I just fly a load further just in case then home again?


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    Ooo, I found it. The engineer page updates. Thank goodness, I miss stations!

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    On the right hand panel, there is a "Max Distance from Start" stat somewhere

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    I'd check recent forum posts:

    Also you can see your travel distance in your stats panel - relog if you don't get told automatically is always worth a go.

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    You should also get a message notification. (Assuming you already have the initial invite)
    It's always worth going a bit further than 5K.

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    You will like the value of your exploration scans when you return

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    I forgot my start system - possibly LHS3770. Is there anywhere to check that so I can calculate my own 5kls jumpathon?

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    Probably LHS 3447...

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    It's dead simple: Fly out to Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10, which is approximately 4500LY from Sol. It has a station, so you can do any necessary repairs. From there, you only have to plot another 600LY in the same direction until you get the engineer''s notification, then you can head back. You don't have to stop at the station if you don't need to, but it's there if you need it. If you go in any other direction and make mistakes, there's nowhere to repair. having that station, means that you can travel light. I'd use a DBX form this task because it stays cool when scooping and is a nice handling ship.

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    Originally Posted by Rob_the_Sparky View Post (Source)
    Probably LHS 3447...
    Ah yes! That's the one!

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    Something I only found out in the last couple of weeks was that the right-hand panel has a "Statistics" section, which includes things like the max distance travelled from start, the number of Km travelled in the SRV, etc.

    It isn't obvious how to get it though. If you are on the summary page, which has your various Elite statuses on it and the reputation with the Superpowers, click / press the arrow cursor keys until you get a couple of solid triangles in the "Reputation" box. Then you can use left and right arrow to move through the various status pages that this section "hides" from you Many of them can scroll up and down as well, using the up and down arrows.

    I'd attach a screenshot, but I'm at work..

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    Originally Posted by Spaceman Si View Post (Source)

    It isn't obvious how to get it though.
    RH UI - ui panel up, ui panel left, ui panel left.

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    I moseyed up to the Cat's Paw Nebula on my 5000ly journey. It was almost exactly (almost exactly? Is that even a thing?) 5000ly from Sol, and looks really creepy as it looms towards you the closer you get. No shortage of scoopable stars either.