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Thread: Need some advice for combat and ship

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    Need some advice for combat and ship

    Hi everyone!

    I'm returning to Elite Dangerous after a long break (about since Horizons came out with some very short returns). Befor I left, I earned my money mostly with trading and exploring (Ranks Entrepreneur and Ranger).

    Now I wanted get a bit more into combat, but I need some serious practice (Combat Rank: Mostly Harmless ^^; )
    I still have a Vulture in my hangar that I bought back in the day, but never flew with it.
    So my questions are: Where would be a good point to get some practice and what (PvE) activities would be good? And what would be a good ship and outfit?
    remember, I don't need the best of the best of the best, I just want to get a good grasp of combat without it being too frustrating.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    The vulture works for a PVE ship.
    If you want something cheaper for reduced rebuy, you can always go with the Viper.
    Once you've outfitted, head out to a res site and kill stuff.
    Haz res will not have police, the other res sites might have police. You can choose your location depending on if you want police help or not.

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    If you are able I’d get some engineering done on the power plant. I didn’t have mine for long, though I may go back now I’ve been fighting more, but the advice I got from most people was to boost the power.

    I’m sure a Vulture pilot will be along shortly to give you some expert advice. If the Vulture doesn’t work for you I’d highly recommend the iCourier for combat if you have the Imperial rank or the Viper MkIV. I’ve got both Viper’s but can’t take to the MkIII in combat for some reason - I like flying it but not fighting in it.

    I’d also suggest starting by following the system authority ships at a High Res site and just plinking away from behind the authority ships. Don’t overlook the combat tutorial though, the advanced on seems impossible but you don’t lose anything and can learn an awful lot, safely.

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    On the ship: the Vulture is oki. I personally consider it a bit too much "easy mode". It has mediocre speed (for a combat ship), can turn quickly and can be made quite durable. And it's rather affordable, so it also comes with a comparatively low rebuy.
    Rebuy does matter. Anybody new to combat will make mistakes, and all but few will see the rebuy screen for a few times in that process.
    Despite all of those advantages, I don't advertise to start learning in a Vulture. The ship is a bit of "easy mode" compared to other ships. You can have success in the Vulture even when flying badly. People who learned to fight in a Vulture often have some bad habits. That's why I generally would advise to start in a Viper (MK III or MK IV are both fine) or an Eagle (Imperial version is slightly better). These ships rely more on speed or agility to survive. They force you to learn defensive flying, which will still benefit you later, on bigger ships, when you end up in a difficult situation.
    On where to go to train combat: if you are very careful, you can start out at regular nav beacons. Scan ships, fight those which are wanted. Ships there usually are of low ranking, too, so expect easy fights and low profit. The next step would be resource extraction sites (RES). Many (but not all) planets with rings have those places on their rings. In case of doubt, go to a system with extraction economy and visit a planet with rings there. For the start, avoid hazardous resource extraction sites. They are there when you want to step up the challenge a bit. Drop into a RES, find ships which are wanted and take them down. Be sure to check if they are in a wing. Be careful when they are in a wing, that can quickly turn into a mess for the new player.
    The "relaxed" way of RES hunting is to fly around next to the police. They often are present in non-hazardous RES, do a lot of damage and you still get the bounty when you dealt some damage to the target. But while that can earn you money and combat rank, it doesn't teach you a lot about fighting. (Although it teaches you a lot about trigger discipline. They react strongly when you shoot them... )
    So once you're confident about that, you can visit compromised nav beacons and hazardous resource extraction sites. Enemies there are generally of higher rank and often in bigger ships, while the police is not present. So there you have to win the fights by yourself. Pick your targets, learn and improve.
    Last not least, when you're confident in that, you can visit conflict zones. You pick your side, you fight. Ships of either sides can spawn into the fight and it can happen that several decide that you're the best target. So better not only have a reasonably good shield, but also know your defensive flying. The circle closes to the start of my posting.

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    It's been my experience that the Vulture is a great ship for combat. I'd take it into a fight before I'd take a Viper or Cobra. It's the only small fighter I will invest the time and effort involved to engineer it. The bad thing about the Vulture is the Power Plant, it's to small, but that can be made less of a problem by engineering the Power Plant.

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    +1 for the Vulture.

    Question is, though, which Engineers do you have unlocked, do you have any PowerPlay gadgets you can make use of and how much money can you spend (including half a dozen or so rebuys)? Oh, and which platform are you on?

    On the other hand, if you want to dive into some fun at short notice and for little money (caution, PR coming up), you could show up for the Fighter Club tomorrow, 18:00 IGT at San Tu with a stock Eagle (you may switch the lasers into an aesthetically more pleasing configuration). Fighter Club is in a Private Group, so better check with Frank, dayrth or Dharrch before for access, Discord is also required.

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    Vulture is a great combat ship, and responds well to engineering.

    Something like this would be a good entry level setup. As you can see, the Vulture is severely limited on power, so engineering the plant with Overcharged is first on the agenda. This will allow you to mount better weapons and SCBs.

    As for activity, if you want to learn to be a fighter, just head to a High Security system with ringed planets, find a High RES and follow the cops around. Good credits and you'll have backup, so you can take on the bigger targets. Kremainn fits this criteria, and the station is a stone's throw from the RES sites, plus it's only a few jumps from the starting system.