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Thread: Illicit cargo?

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    And it just seemed odd I saw the illicit tag on my first hop back but not the second, destination, system.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah for sure, the game gives you interesting things. I flew through a contested system the other day after having committed some minor infractions and found that half the stations were flagged as anonymous access and the rest open. It's a laugh innit.

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    Originally Posted by Paidtodrive View Post (Source)
    And it just seemed odd I saw the illicit tag on my first hop back but not the second, destination, system.

    Quite often you see the warning when engaging the h-jump even though the stuff isn't illegal where you are jumping to at all.

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    You get that warning if your cargo is illegal in any 1 or more ports in a system you are passing through (or entering your destination). It need not be illegal system wide. Might be just fine in the station you are heading to but not another. Just check the item list in the sys map for your destination.

    Also pays to filter "Legal" for the mission board if you don't want the trouble.

    Also be warned if you are loading up on delivery missions that some of your mixed cargo can be illegal in particular stations meaning you have to watch the order you visit to deliver

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    One thing you need to keep in mind with any trading or delivery missions, is that some fairly normal goods can be illegal in certain places.

    • alcohol is illegal in prison colonies
    • consumer items are illegal in theocracies
    • Feds ban tobacco
    • Jaques has a thing about the rare good Volkab Bee Drones, so they are illegal in Colonia
    • Hutton mugs are illegal anywhere with good taste - oh wait, that's not a thing

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    The "illicit" tag refers to the legality of the goods in your ship's current location, whichever jurisdiction that happens to be. "Jurisdiction" in the game works like this.

    The controlling faction of the system holds jurisdiction over the "controlling station", plus whatever other stations in the system they might control, plus all the empty space and uninhabited planets in the system - including the nav beacons, RES and other POIs. It's quite a powerful thing to have, which is why everyone wants "their" faction to be the controlling faction.

    If other factions in the system own any assets, they will also control the jurisdiction of a small sphere of space around that asset. For space stations, that sphere is 1000km radius. For surface installations, it appears to be a slightly smaller sphere (I have seen about 300 km quoted on the forum). If stations are so close together that the jurisdiction spheres overlap, I believe it operates on a "whoever is closest wins" basis.

    Within the jurisdiction, the laws applying to that faction operate. Fly into another jurisdiction, and that other faction's laws come into effect. "Laws" here relate to two things: who owns the cops that you might encounter, and which goods are illegal.

    Example: Tobacco is illegal in Federation democracies, but legal in Alliance ones. Suppose there's a system where an Alliance democracy is the controlling faction and therefore owns the controlling space station, but there's a second space station in the system owned by a Fed democracy. You can take that tobacco almost anywhere in that system - the Alliance station, the nav beacon, a RES, the shipping lanes, an uninhabited moon - and your tobacco will be legal. But take that tobacco across the border into the little Fed-owned bubble within 1000 km of the Fed station, and it becomes illegal.

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