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Thread: an appeal to north americans

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    an appeal to north americans

    i was just shocked watching this:

    please tell me this is not true. i've been always very skeptical of justice, but this depicted lack of guarantees in the u.s. for every defendant is not just terrifying, i defeats any notion of a working judicial system. meaning, i can't even fathom how anybody could pretend to build a democracy on top of that, given justice is a basic cornerstone of it. if this is true, this is no different from tribal justice of the worst kind. how could you the people possibly be accepting this? and i thought i lived in an underdeveloped country with a corrupt and arbitrary justice system because of the bias of the whole judiciary. but i'd choose that any day, this is completely different, it's engrained in the very system, by design. it just boggles my mind, this can't be right.

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    If this piece by John Oliver, a comedian, is how you "stay informed" and form your opinion about these kinds of topics..... then we have a more fundamental problem in our society that surpasses any problem in the judicial system.

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