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Thread: targeting and scooping minerals

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    targeting and scooping minerals

    Do all ships have a data scanner,also do you have to activate it or does it scan automatically ? I have noticed in several videos that hen a srv approaches a mineral the turret is moved up or down to target it then you fire and it is broken into pieces. Each piece has white brackets on each side then you ride over it to scoop. Do you have to target it for the brackets to appear. I landed on a planet but was not able to get the rock centered to fire, I had to move srv up or down a hill to align target. When i fired and broke up rock and lowered scoop and rode over the mineral it didn't pick it up. I would appreciate any help since i am new to this.

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    Yes, you need to target the pieces before you scoop them.

    I think all ships have a basic scanner suite that works automatically for basic stuff like signals etc. It's when you get ADS, FSW and DDS ones you need to activate them although the latter is activated automatically with proximity.

    (Thats Advanced Discoveey Scanner, Frame Shift Wake scanner and Detailed Surface Scanner respectively)

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    The SRV is equipped with data and normal scanners, you will have to bind the data scanner to your secondary fire as it isn't done so as a default.

    When scooping with both the ship and the SRV you have to target the item to successfully scoop it.