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Thread: Does it take 5 minutes to tranqulize a dino?

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    Does it take 5 minutes to tranqulize a dino?

    I don't know if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong or the AI is incredibly dumb, dumber than I thought but I'm trying to tranquilize a dino through the ATC helicopter, and the helicopter just keeps on turning around the dino over and over and over again without tranquilizing the dinosaur or anything

    Also, how does the stupid tranquilizer minigame work!? I shoot the damn dino and nothing happens...

    P.S. I've posted this on the Steam discussion too...

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    You have to upgrade the ACU / ranger station with better accuracy to reduce the time it takes to hit the Dino.

    It doesn't usually take so long but can if the Dino ducks into trees runs round buildings etc.

    Not these stack, and you can actually shoot them yourself if you feel the need.

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    I try to build nothing that could obstruct the helicopter's circlings near the release paddock (monorail, electric cables, etc). If so, the helicopter goes up and down and it was taking forever.

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    I think you can stack the upgrades in this game. Try doing that. I often just fly the helicopter myself and dart them myself. I like doing it. I find the AI can hit the big animals quicker. The small fast ones take a while.

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    I'm pretty sure you can stack. It seems like once I started putting 4 3.0 Accuracy on the ACU they only miss on the little guys and even then the animal is down within 60 seconds of getting on scene.