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Thread: unable to open a ticket

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    unable to open a ticket

    I tried but there was no 'submit' button at the bottom of the ticket form

    I have a time sensitive problem I need help with asap

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    I was doing a sightseeing run for multiple passengers. I pressed the button to do a safe drop out of supercruise at Serius Atmospherics where the beacon is i'm supposed to scan. I drop out and immediately slam into a ship floating right in front of me. There was absolutely no way for me to know he'd be there and absolutely no way for me to avoid him. He thinks i'm attacking I guess, scans me for some reason and starts shooting at me in my intentionally unarmed ship. I DON'T DO COMBAT IN THIS GAME. I got away with 4% hull and all 6 missions currently in my log are marked as failed. These events were completely outside of my control. I am so angry I can't see straight over this. Please reclassify those passenger missions as successful and repair my ship. Otherwise i'm losing over 7+ million credits on top of the cost of repairs. thank you

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    Hi there!

    This can be caused by AdBlocker sometimes, please ensure that it is turned off and failing that I'd recommend trying another browser or device