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Thread: Hi, im new, too.

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    Hi, im new, too.

    CMDR Güldenherz here.
    Class of 1985.
    Miss my old Cobra MKIII with the "Cloaking Devise".
    Started again in Dec. 2017.
    Have an Anaconda, Type-10 Defender, Federal Corvette, Imperial Courier, Imperial Clipper, Imperial Cutter and the Krait MKII.
    But only fly with my Cobra MKIII...also the Prof. Palin Trip. The Cobra is my fetish!
    (Yea, made all my CRedits with the Cobra, like in my youth.)

    Is it allowed to "Roast me!" here?

    Do your Best!

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    Welcome Cmdr. Stay frosty out there.


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    Welcome to the forums Cmdr. Your photo shows my rebuy face perfectly!

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    Welcome I like the retro look behind you, must have cost a lot in the vintage shops.

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    Originally Posted by aRJay View Post (Source)
    ......... must have cost a lot in the vintage shops.
    Especially the Bay City Rollers wig.

    P.S. Welcome from me too.

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    Welcome, Commander

    Another good ol' vintage era like myself


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    Welcome on the forums ! Cmdr

    And fly safe

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