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Thread: The Data Collectors - Attention Please Contact Now

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    The Data Collectors - Attention Please Contact Now

    This is an urgent call to the player group called the Data Collectors.

    Your expansion activities on behalf of the alliance are not an issue (Alliance Theocracy). Your activity in 17 Lyrae most definitely is however.

    Please contact Sacra Oculus and the 30 or so other player groups dedicated to protecting rare trade commodities immediately. A message has been sent via the Embassy at the Alliance Office of Statistics, with whom we work closely with, to keep rare trade commodities production safe.

    You are requested to contact us at and speak to us as soon as possible.

    We do not object to your presence in 17 Lyrae. We do object if you take control of the system and prevent the rare trade commodity from being produced.

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    Greeting Cmdr.
    Your worries are unfounded. The rare commodity produced in 17 Lyrae is safe in our care.
    Please be at peace.
    Cmdr Johnstoned.

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    The rare is tech and Theocracies ban Tech. The AEDC and the AOS have been trying to contact you. As requested please come to the Discord.

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    It would appear that your data is out of date.
    17 Lyrae happily accepted our control yesterday at 16.22 UTC and Ultra-Compact Processors are still available at Langford Enterprise.

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    In that case many thanks for clarifying the rare is still in production.