Just thought I would muse over some points as i'm finishing my re-visit to Island Matanceros.

I have unlocked all items in my first play-though, and enjoyed the experience. However I did rush things, especially the last two islands, just to get the 5 star and unlocks and then move on as quick as possible.

So I decided to go back through, from Matanceros on-wards and really use all the unlocks and experience to create beautiful parks on all the islands.

A few learning curves to note for anyone interested;

On the second run through you now obviously have the large power stations, all the upgrades, and no requirement for any of the science/security/fossil buildings. So you only really need two fully upgraded power-stations, ACU and ranger stations. You have so much more space to play on without the clutter.

Ranger stations only really need the scheduling upgrades. Giving you 7 task slots. So any feeder resupply run, you just click all the other half used feeders nearby as well, and keep and eye on that ranger, and load his tasks up as they drop off. You can keep re-supply to a minimum this way. Also on feeders. I posted before about how many you need. And keeping the feeders to an absolute minimum reduces their use further.

Animal life span can also be manipulated to your advantage. With each DNA unlock you can apply all the lifespan upgrades to each animal. I can get some of these above 250 lifespan. Of course you reduce viability to 0% or even below. All you need to do is give each incubation centre 3x 3.0 success rate upgrades, and you rarely loose an animal.

In all i'm still happy with the game the second time round. I still havnt spent any time on Isla Nublar yet. Other than to flatten the place in preparation for when I get there in the future again.

I read In someones post that getting all the three factions to absolute 100% is a must for a play through as-well so that is another goal.

I feel I have managed to reduce two things that annoy people the most with the game, Animal life span and feeder re-supply. I hope my small tips can help some people with these gripes.