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Thread: What No Mans Sky Does RIGHT that FD could learn from.

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    Originally Posted by Electric Kite View Post (Source)
    Im no expert either but i cant ignore the fact that in 2 years we got a LOT of things added to NMS thats technically very impressive. Can you say the same for Elite?
    You're comparing apples and oranges (or apples and rocks). The games are only superficially similar (one's a flight sim, one's a crafting sim...just on the surface nevermind the whole difference). You may as well compare the two games to BC3000, or Halo, or Doom, or MoO, or Wing Commander, or Spore, or Minecraft, or Subnautica, or Microsoft Flight Simulator, or...etc etc etc. The only thing ED and NMS shares that none of the other examples share is online only (even though neither one need it).

    It's as dumb as comparing FTL travel in scifi…or Titanfall to World of Tanks.

    The "perfect game" does not exist. Trying to please everyone pleases no one. Even if the perfect game ever was possible, it still would not exist, for the same reason any other "perfect" thing does not exist...competition and diverse (and I don't mean SJW diverse) gameplay (or unique product … damn, I had something else to say here and my train of thought got derailed). If one game could do everything, there'd game. That's called "real life"...

    I will agree with some posts above (and I'm pretty sure this disagrees with what the OP wants) that FD "shotgunning" ideas, just because "they can" (or worse just because a vocal minority (or majority) insist on it) is poor game development, in any game. Suggestions are fine, dictations (and game design is NOT a democracy; ideally it is an art molded by capitalism) are not.
    Do I wish I could have everything I want? Of course. But what I want is not what others want. And what you want is not what others want. Live with it, and play something else. I can guarantee you will never find the "perfect game".

    I've been on the internet (off and on) for the last 20 years. The internet is both a curse and a blessing, mostly a curse. It's a crutch nowadays rather than a tool.

    Full disclosure (others on other boards on this net may already know this):
    I like NMS, but feel that the developers f'd up. The current game (even 1.55 August 10 patch, ie yesterday) is still f'd up. ED, on the other hand, is serviceable. It's (NMS) like a girlfriend that's a b!tch, you know she's a b!tch, everyone calls her a b!tch, but you love her anyway. ED, on the other hand, is the girl who likes you even though you don't like her, and then you marry her 10 years later.

    NMS is a game I can play for an hour*, and quit. Elite...not so much. I have to invest a lot of time each session. That's not slamming either game, but shows why comparing these games is silly.

    *and let's not forget...NMS screwed up game saves (on all platforms) on Xbox launch; it only fixed them in a hotfix several days later, and even the 1.55 patch is iffy. Hello Games may be fixing past mistakes, but they are years old mistakes.

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    Originally Posted by Electric Kite View Post (Source)
    1) Warp Gates. Come on FD. Just one even between colonia and the bubble. Not everyone has 21 hours to spare. Make it a CG to build it. It would feel like an actually important CG for once.
    Elite isn't meant for everyone. I've not gone to Colonia I'm saving it for when I can land on more planets then the journey will be of higher value and worth the time invested in doing so.

    2) Exotic Rare Ships. We all want to be unique. Not differnt shades of the same colour.
    How would they be rare? What's the value in having one? Are they available to everyone? How would you get one?

    3) Base construction. (they did in 2 years what you guys have been avoiding for 3.)
    You can't avoid doing something you've not expressly promised doing. There was mention of it early in the kickstarter, but it was a 'much later' thing. I'm not against it, but I hope it fits with Elite and isn't just a case of plastering buildings over any planets in any old fashion.

    4) Athmosphere. Even barren atmospheric worlds. Just throw in a few clouds and change the sky box. easy. Ill do it. Hire me.
    Pretty sure they're coming, soon and will be a tad more advanced than yours

    5)Caves. Propper, massive caves. We have the barren landscapes with no athmophere..why not add caves next? How hard exactly would it be to add?
    Elite uses height maps to create planets which means you can't easily create caves in the surfaces. A possible alternative would be to procedurally generate random cave structures and then embed them in and under the planets surface whilst cutting a hole in the height map as an entrance. You'd need to design and implement reasons for going into them too. So not impossible but by no means easy.

    When i look at everything no mans sky added in 2 years, and compare it to what we hav got in the last two years in Elite i cant help but feel bad.
    And everyone HATED no mans sky. And they are a FRACTION of the size you guys are.
    They're completely different games. That's not too denigrate what Hello Games has done but they'd be the first to point out the masses of differences. Id be happy to point them out, but it might be more constructive for you to think about them for yourself


    What are you guys doing? Exactly?


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    Originally Posted by Electric Kite View Post (Source)
    like 8 guys.
    Currently it's 16 IIRC. The difference in numbers and content I suspect is partly that ED have had groups of devs working on various longer term features in ED, whereas HG have had all their devs working on the same upcoming features. It's also likely some ED devs were moved to JP when Universal came calling.

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