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Thread: Skyrim SE onsale on Steam for 20$

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    Skyrim SE onsale on Steam for 20$

    Its essentially Skyrim remastered with some extra graphical effects and some DLC. I feel like im the only one who hasnt played it, like it so far, only a few hours in, wondering if they can top Morrowind.
    Oblivion was fun, but Morrowind had a quality rare in my gaming experience, i never felt like i really knew what was going on, or how the story might develop next. High hopes for Skyrim.

    Any advice for a noob skyrim player?

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    Not really, only get it and play it if you like RPG. There is a huge mod community supporting the game, so it will take a long time before you run out of content.

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    Just wander around, get some fighting experience, do some random quests, visit the Dragon Walls to learn the Shouts, build a house, etcetera.
    Basically, live the life you would in that world.
    It can be amazingly immersive.

    And when you start feeling bored, Nexus has LOADS of mods, and ENB will make your game look next gen if you want to.
    Skyrim is not a game, it's a way of life.