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Thread: Tobii eye tracker 4C doesn‘t run smooth

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    Tobii eye tracker 4C doesn‘t run smooth

    Hello everyone!

    Since I am not happy with the current VRs (too expensive atm imo) I wanted to try the tobii eye tracker 4C.

    It just came yesterday, plugged it in changed some settings so it fits for me, start ed and: it works perfect (at this time I was somewhere in the system in deep space). I got into SC to test it out in a CZ and right after I dropped my game starts stuttering and gets unplayable. My FPS are stable at 120-144, this stuttering only happens in places with many ships (CZ and stations). I saw many videos where it runs smoothly but I can‘t seem to get it smooth. I even tried the lowest quality settings without a result. Also I tried Obsidiantants settings, didn‘t work also.

    For other games (like F1 2017) it works perfect and smooth how it should work. I am sure it can‘t be my PC, but here is my setup anyways:

    GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X8
    CPU: i5 6600K OCed to 4,5GHz
    Mobo: MSI Z270 A Pro
    Ram: HyperX Furry 16GB 2800MHz

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    A 4-core/4-thread CPU will bottleneck in situations with high activity.

    Originally Posted by Katashi View Post (Source)
    Ram: HyperX Furry 16GB 2800MHz
    Sorry, that's just too cute to pass up

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    You know how expensive higher mhz is? I alrdy paid about 160€ for 2800 something like 3000-3200 is 100-120€ for 1 8Gb.

    The thing is, i checked some specs (if given) from others that use it and some of them have a little or more worse pc and it runs smooth

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    Do you mean "fps drop" saying "stuttering"?

    I'm using the tracker also.
    I can say that from my experience rotating game camera to gaze point is very not comfortable, because when you looking at something there're two cases:
    - you want to follow ship at that point - in this case doing camera rotation is ok
    - you want to read something at that point - camera rotation hurts eyes, because text starts moving on the screen and distorts which makes reading painful
    So I disabled gaze tracking completely and using head tracking only, basically with "Obsidiantants settings" and resetting camera position time from time (not very often).
    After that I can move my eyes on the screen, reading here and there and controlling camera rotation with the head only.

    I'm playing on Lenovo Y520-15IKBN 80WK01BBRA with 16GB ram. Doing CZ with the tracker and noticed no difference in performance.

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    Well that would work but I want to use the eye tracker just because it feels more natural. Might mess arround with the settings until i get it fixed. Just seems oddly to me. I might also reinstall windows, didnt do that for 2y now and a lot of data is lying around just slowing down the pc.