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Thread: PS4 1.05 version no guests.

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    PS4 1.05 version no guests.

    I have attempted to fix issue been in contact with customer support several emails later no good news essentially what is happening is there is some kind of glitch that is not allowing guests to enter the parks completely uninstall the game reinstalled the game turned off the PlayStation 4 once completely shut down unplugged from back of the system left sitting for several minutes before replugging in system none of these have fixed the issue not sure what else to do don't really want to wait till the next update to find out if it's fixed or not would rather just get my money back I don't want a game I can play most people will understand where I'm coming from do not reply to this message if you don't have any useful information please tried to post on bug report forum haven't had any luck this is the only one that'll let me post to

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    The FAQ's & How Do I... forum is not the place you will find any help for bugs, I asked you yesterday to post in the Bug Reports Forum, make sure to choose the right platform and read the Guidelines before you post.
    Give as much information as possible about your issue so that a QA Team member can help you.