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Thread: Elite Dangerous Crashing on Xbox

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    Elite Dangerous Crashing on Xbox

    So recently, I downloaded Horizons for the game because I was dying to land on planets. Loaded up the game, rushed to the nearest one, and was super excited. I drove around the surface for a bit, then went back and took off. As I started to fly towards the nearest base, a message came up explaining that something went wrong, that I should try reinstalling the game, and then closed after pressing the "Abort" option. I reinstalled it, and proceeded with playing. Halfway through customizing my Holo-Me, it did it again. After relaunching the game, it happened yet again. The time between loading in and the crash is probably about 30-45 minutes, and it drives me crazy, since the game rolls back a little each time. Hope someone can help.

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    Hi UncleSpoods,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue, have you tried clearing the cache of your Xbox One in between reinstalls? Often we see issues such as this which can be amended by doing this!

    A guide on how to perform this can be found here:

    Please do let us know how this goes!

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    Thank you for the response. I followed the directions that the link gave, but the game still crashed. I'm pretty sure I did it right. I managed to take a picture of the message that comes up, here's what it says: "A file has failed to load after multiple attempts. Other process on the system such as virus scanners can cause this. If no such process exists a file may have become corrupt, please reinstall the game."